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Essential Part of Your Workflow

"I'm a huge fan and have referred several people to SmartGPT to sign up for your Plus membership. I view it now as an essential part of my workflow for my business. I think your incorporation of check boxes into this tool is the perfect direction to go in. People, whether we want to admit it or not, are looking for things to be 'done for us'. That's personally why I paid for your membership, it got me one step closer to an automated business."
Bradley P.
Founder, Wizard Web Group

Helps Optimize Clients' Prompts

"This platform is truly top notch. I spend my time counseling hundreds of small businesses on how to utilize AI constructively for their businesses and Prompt Engineering lays at the foundation of that effort. SmartGPT Plus+ makes ME look smart by optimizing the prompts I construct for my clients so that THEY in turn can benefit from the myriad advantages offered by Generative AI. This is Generative AI focused on performance enhancements."
Tim C.
Certified SCORE Mentor

Your Personal Success Partner

"SmartGPT is my secret weapon. It streamlines my daily tasks, optimizing productivity. It's like having a skilled tech team at my fingertips, ready to assist. It's not just a tool, it's my success partner."
Valeriano V.
Sales Operations, Lendflow

Expanded Prompts & Saved Hours

"SmartGPT took my basic social media strategy prompt for small business and expanded it to encompass things I hadn't even considered. Not only did it provide an amazing response, it saved me hours of research!"
Rachel P.
Vice President of Operations, Veteran Service Brands

Phenomenal YouTube & Website SEO

"SmartGPT helps me optimize my YouTube SEO and website SEO so I can get more views. It improved my prompt to generate titles, descriptions, keywords and hashtags and the results are phenomenal."
Alden D.
CEO, Customgpt.ai

Learn to Craft Better Prompts

"One of the best things about SmartGPT Plus+ is that it not only generates high-quality responses, but also provides an enhanced prompt that shows how to improve the original prompt. This is very helpful for prompt engineering and for learning how to craft better prompts."
Screenshot 2023-06-08 143714
Kess E.
Founder, Agric World

SmartGPT Supercharges Prompts in 1 Click!

SmartGPT enhances prompt requests for much better results.

If you're new to prompting or experienced.
These tools will boost your productivity and prompt engineering skills.


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Here you can view real examples to compare the original prompts to SmartGPT-enhanced prompts and responses.

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Example #2
Example #3


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📰 SmartGPT News & Updates

September 2 · New! Prompt Builder tool is now available to all SmartGPT Plus+ subscribers.  Custom tailor an expert prompt for your needs.

August 12 · Persona Model Chatbot Prompt Generator is now available to all SmartGPT Plus+ subscribers.  Use this tool to create an advanced chatbot persona prompt that works for you.

August 1 · Email Analysis Tool is now available to all SmartGPT Plus+ subscribers.  Use this tool to analyze email campaign effectiveness and get actionable insight to improve emails.

July 10 · Code Interpreter Prompt Generator is now available to all SmartGPT Plus+ subscribers.  Use this tool to generate high-level prompts to use on ChatGPT’s new Code Interpreter.

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