JUNE 17th 2023


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TOP AI NEWS #1: JUNE 17TH, 2023

  • ChatGPT Plugin Criticisms: Users have reported difficulties with finding useful plugins for ChatGPT. (ChatGPT Plugins Verdict)
  • Meta’s LLaMA Open Access: Meta is offering companies access to its open-source foundational model, LLaMA, which is slightly less advanced than GPT-3.5. (Meta)
  • AI Optimism in China: People in China are reportedly more optimistic about AI than those in the US.
  • AvaWatz’s Robo-Teams: AvaWatz, a startup, is developing real-life robotic teams for efficient and safe task execution. (AvaWatz)
  • AI Act Guide: Forbes has released a guide to the AI Act for machine learning engineers.
  • Inference-Time Intervention: Harvard researchers have developed this method to increase factualness in Language Learning Models (LLMs) such as LLaMA.
  • Adobe’s AI Revenue Boost: Adobe has increased its revenue and profit forecasts due to expected demand from generative AI features.
  • AI Job Opportunities: Job openings available at several AI firms, including Runway, Hugging Face, Jasper, Scale, Learn.xyz, and OpenAI.
  • Google’s Clothing Try-On Feature: Google’s new feature offers a virtual try-on experience for online clothes shopping. (Google Try on Clothes feature)
  • AI in Nursing: Nurses at UC Davis Medical Center express frustration at being forced to follow AI alerts, sometimes at the expense of their own clinical judgement. (How AI is impacting nursing)
  • AI vs. Dog Intelligence: Yann LeCun of Meta has commented that AI has not yet reached the level of a dog’s intelligence.


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