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TOP AI NEWS #3: JUNE 19TH, 2023

  • A recent GitHub Survey has revealed that over 90% of developers are now integrating AI tools into their workflows, challenging traditional productivity metrics.

  • As AI continues to assume more cognitive tasks, The Guardian explores potential implications, questioning whether this could lead to an overall decline in human cognitive abilities.

  • ChatGPT is now able to remember past conversations: OpenAI has improved ChatGPT’s ability to recall past interactions, thereby allowing for more engaging and meaningful conversations. (Improved Memory in ChatGPT)

  • GPT-4 excels in educational testing: GPT-4, OpenAI’s newest AI model, has demonstrated remarkable success by passing all MIT Math, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science course tests with almost 100% accuracy. (GPT-4’s Success in Educational Testing)

  • A breakthrough in scene reconstruction through eye reflections: Researchers have developed a method to reconstruct 3D scenes beyond a camera’s line of sight using eye reflections in portrait images. The feasibility of recovering 3D scenes using this method could have significant implications for various fields. (3D Scene Reconstruction via Eye Reflections)

  • Transforming video creation through zero-shot text-guided translation: A new study presents a mechanism for modifying image models for videos using zero-shot text-guided video-to-video translation. This mechanism outperforms existing methods and allows for the creation of high-quality, time-consistent videos. (Video Creation through Text-guided Translation)

  • TryLancey is a tool that automatically runs growth experiments based on user signals has been launched. TryLancey is designed to streamline and optimize business growth strategies. (TryLancey for Business Growth Strategies)


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